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We facilitate healing of mind, body & spirit through a wide range of massage techniques & specialized tools. 

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A safe space for you to get your body looking and feeling like a dream.


We are based in Tampa in the Historic Zone of Ybor.

The Body Lab 

1701 N 14th St Tampa, FL 33605

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Our Philosophy

The Body Lab is founded on one basic philosophy: We pay reverence to all bodies. Regardless of shape, size, or color, we work with the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies, all of which are honored here. We value and aim to nurture and support our personal and collective bodies to be in service, serving as a symbol and force for holistic healing.

We uphold these values in all that we do. All of our materials, including our massage and essential oils, t-shirts, and even the soap that we use to wash our sheets, are organically and sustainably sourced. Our tools are made from either wood or durable steel. Whether you're receiving red light therapy, sauna sessions, or massage, our intention is to provide you with a space of peace and ease, knowing that you're being well taken care of through our many modalities.

What Our Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Us

What Our Beautiful &
Happy Clients Say About Us

Gavi has been looking after me for over 5 years, and is without a doubt the best in the industry. She knows exactly how to make me feel relaxed, and every visit is a relaxing, fabulous experience.

Madison Badia

I came to Gavi, looking for some kind, any kind of relief. I have seen multiple ENT’s, had my ears tested nothing worked. Gavi was able to give me a drainage massage - worth more than any amount of money i could have paid. My ears are feeling much better, as well as my neck. Highly recommend

Jake LeBauer

I had an incredible experience with Gavi. She nailed my tigger points and showed me how to better stretch my shoulders. I’m so impressed and will definitely be back. Thank you for being amazing!

Chris McHaffie

Gavi is the realest because we always have genuine conversations & she makes me feel important. I feel better when I leave appointments with her.

Zoe Dawn

I would recommend Gavi because she’s a great massage therapist.

Guy Sheetrit

I would recommend Gavi because in one session she was able to get rid of inflammation from a 4 year old injury. She reminds you to breathe and let go.

Maria Medina

Gavi is the best and never fails at making me happy. I would recommend Gavi because if you go you are blessed!

Kelly Mascoe

I highly recommend Gavi if you want to release tension in your back and want to feel like a cloud drifting throughout your day.

Addie Piazza